The second call for project applications is open. The Central Baltic Programme welcomes project applications via its eMonitoringSystem (eMS) until 23 October, 2015. All applications must be submitted electronically to the system by 15:00 (Finnish time, CET +1) on the closing date of the call. It is strongly recommended not to leave the submission to the last moments.

Specifications of the second call
The call is open for applications in all four priorities and all specific objectives. According to the outcome of the first call of applications, however, the applicants are encouraged to develop projects especially under:

  • Archipelago and Islands Sub-programme
  • Priority 3 “Well-connected region”
  • Specific Objective 1.3 “More exports by the Central Baltic companies to new markets”
  • Specific Objective 2.2 “Sustainably planned and managed marine and coastal areas”

It is also to be noted that the next, third, call for applications is planned to open only in January 2017. Applicants are informed that ceilings have been set for second call allocations per priority and sub-programme, ensuring sufficient funding for the third call. However, it is foreseen that some specific objectives might not be open for applications in the third call.

Two types of projects: small and regular
The call is open for two types of projects: small projects and regular projects. The small projects (max duration 2 years, max budget 200.000 eur) fill in and submit the eMS Application Form once. For the regular projects the application procedure is done in two steps, of which this call is the first one. In the first step application the questions are related to the content of the programme, whereas the second step focus is on project implementation. Only those regular project applications passing the first step will continue to the second step.

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